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WastdJamacan wrote:I love teh fact that you have to get tactical. when you see a patrol, you want to get shot at the least possible, so yo take out teh rear guy (usually grunt or jackal) with a pistol, then the next, untill the brute is the only one left, then you fire short controlled bursts at his head with teh silenced smg.

Or you throw a grenade...or two.
Well...they tried to force you to be tactical, really you can run in like a nutball and just shoot the crap out of everyone and entirely lose the whole "sneaky tactical bullshit". Really, you just have to empty more clips into aliens than you did in the other three Halos (some of the guns felt weaker to me, specifically the silenced ones...). Once all the corpses stop twitching you go run to a health station that are placed all over the city and move on.
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