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please delete this post, I posted it in the wrong section. [MAngry]
well this is the question

is there in fact 2 marathon communities, an xbox one and a Aleph one community?

if so, is there a way to reconcile both communities, make them into one stronger community, or would that be a bad idea?

Half of the videos I see out on youtube about marathon are the xbox live screencasts. Although it shouldn't, it kinda makes me ill to the stomach. I guess my real problem with the 'new' xbl marathon are the 60 fps and texture sets which I think looks quite awful. Some people comment that the old texture sets look 'ugly' but there's always the texture set enhancement pack which pretties them up without taking away from the original element.

but I went off on a tangent there.

Based on many of the comments I have read on the youtube videos, it seems that many xbox marathon players play it just to see halo's roots, whist aleph one players play marathon for the full glory and love of the game.

any thoughts?
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