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Post Feb 16th '10, 01:29

After being given the go ahead by Ryoko for this idea, I've brought it to the public. My idea is similar to Marathon XBLA Survival, in that the game will be never ending carnage. It's also similar to KTA, except you can never kill them all; it ends when you get bored. It'll be good for sharpening skills. I bring this to the community for a collaborative project, like KTA.

- Unlike KTA, I'm allowing custom physics in the maps, to allow for specialized enemies, or to have allies as enemies etc. I will also allow scripts with a map. All the aforementioned should be merged with the map.
- I'm also allowing custom textures, but no completely new enemies. In fact, I recommend using custom textures, but try not to go overboard; stay mainly with the Infinity textures. I will allow M2 textures instead of Infinity, but the M2 textures must be merged with the map if so.
- This project will use Marathon Infinity as the base platform.
- Generously recurring ammunition and powerups are required. I would prefer powerups to rechargers, because they are simply more convenient.
- Generously recurring enemies are required; I accept upward difficulty curves or just flat carnage, as do I allow cycles.
- The map must be for solo/coop only.
- Next to the map title, please put either [E] (easy), [A] (average), [D] (difficult), or [VD] (very difficult)- for example, Waterloo Waterpark [E]. I've put [A] for average instead of [M] for medium, because normal net maps already use [M] as part of a size guide.
- This is common sense really, but no terminals. If you want to include a saver, fine.
- Try to make an effort on the mapping side of things please too.

Email them to me at, or PM them to me and I will comment on them here, using the following marking system:

Gameplay /10
Level /10

Gameplay is for the enjoyment factor and the flow; level includes texturing, architecture, differential shading etc.
I'm planning on being part of the collaboration myself, but I will try not to be biased with my maps against others.

Any number of maps can be contributed.
I will allow anyone to contribute, but I will only allow the better maps as part of the final pack. The deadline is the end of March. So April 1st. If the deadline cannot be met, I'll extend it, but try not to leave it too late. Good luck. [MGrin]

Thanks in advance,
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ray reported for "being a dick." (exact words). Could someone Photoshop one of those magic cards to say "summon steve" and put his on it or something? Because that would be handy to post when these things happen.
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Post Feb 16th '10, 01:40

Way to shit on my project, Tim. At least W'rk isn't being so negative.
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