The Testing Grounds

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Post Aug 14th '06, 03:26

The Testing Grounds are a place to upload your maps before they enter circulation, are uploaded to Fileball, etc. so that other TG members can look at it and provide critiques. Just post your request here and you will be added to the .mappers group and can begin uploading your maps to the testing grounds.
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Post Aug 14th '06, 03:33

Testing Grounds rules: As stated by Irons; failure to follow these rules will result in your removal from the board. This is why it's invite only. We can kick you out.

1. Do not disclose others' maps here to the general public. You can host the maps here in Internet games, but you can't give the map files to the joiners. I'd prefer that the mappers themselves keep distribution to a minimum, but it's their prerogative. I think that a contained environment with minimum distribution will help control the quality. So, to put it simply: host the map whenever you want, but don't give them out.

2. Be honest. No one's maps will get better if we kiss ass all day. Find out what is wrong with the map, what you don't like, what is a bug. Post here. Etc.

3. Be mature. While we aren't here to be nice, we are here to keep from making fun of each other and causing more of the stupidity that has lead to some of the great players to quit the game altogether. It is possible to be honest and civil. Don't let things get out of hand, and it will be fine.

4. Give what you take. Don't come in here expecting to plop a map down, leave for a while, get some feedback, and leave again. You're here to help yourself as well as others. No, there's not a quota; however, I'd like to see everyone participating on both ends. W'rkncacnter pointed out that there will be times when people will want to slack off. Take your time and leisure. But if you take it too much, I will consult with you about leaving. I don't want this to be high-pressure. I think it's fair to say that you should critique one map for each map on which you get feedback.

5. No stealing. This was so obvious I forgot it in the first draft of the rules. Ryoko mentioned it in his post. Do not take maps from other people. That's part of the reason we have this forum as a members-only forum. If you use a map by someone else in any way, like making a Rhapsody map or changing it somehow, be sure to give credit. If you take someone else's map and use it without without credit, and you are a member of this subforum, you will be expelled immediately. So don't do it.
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Saint Paul, MN

Post Aug 18th '06, 23:13

I'd like to be part of this I need an opinion on a few maps?

Post Aug 19th '06, 01:36

I'm definetely down for this... I tried to join a little while ago, only to find that it had been closed down :(
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Post Sep 7th '06, 21:39

I'd like to be a part of this... seeing as my maps havent been tested by anyone with good suggestions
Masked boy

Post Sep 8th '06, 00:14

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Post Oct 10th '06, 13:55

how does this work? where do I upload/download stuff. Or are these testing grounds unused? I'm confused.
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Post Oct 10th '06, 16:30

The Testing Grounds is mostly dead, as of right now. Very few maps are submitted and few replies are returned. If you want to join, I believe you need to talk to appleswitch. You can use any place like, etc. for uploading things.

Post Oct 11th '06, 22:54

Do we have to upload maps to join? I mean, lets say if I just wanted to get a sort of preview and critique maps without submitting them, could I do that or would that violate rule #4?
John Drake
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Post Oct 11th '06, 23:23

Basically, the TG is dead; I'm certainly not going to enforce that rule. Do what you like.
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Saint Paul, MN

Post Oct 12th '06, 23:05

Oh, ok. Thanks.
John Drake
The world's retirement home. (Florida)

Post Oct 13th '06, 02:38

can i join the TG i got my SP map pack for testing.
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