Greetz from a newb

Introduce yourself here!

Post Feb 24th '06, 10:31

(so i hope thats what other Forums call the "new member" section ;) )

So here i am
a long fan of the series

so at first i want to say sorry for my bad english, i hope youll understand me (a bit)

im from germany
my hobbies are philosophy,religion,writing,reading,painting and making music

so i hope i can talk much about "durability" (thats what "she" said) and "Eat the path"

greetz Helloman23

Post Feb 24th '06, 14:24

thank you/danke sehr

just a little thing, dont call me a "kraut" :)

it depends on what i want to paint/express

for my self i like more to paint abstract on paper

but i also like photography and/or some computer editing tricks...
the problem is.... my Computer crashed last week... everything is lost... i have printed out some things or some paintings are here around in my dirty hole that i call home
but i have no scanner, and i dont know someone who has one
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Post Feb 24th '06, 18:08

Do you have AIM or just ICQ?

Also, welcome.
lol butts

Post Feb 24th '06, 18:37

wholl search, wholl find

just look in my profile
but here for the lazy peps
ICQ 179596506
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Post Feb 25th '06, 21:45

Are you ever on it? :P
lol butts

Post Feb 25th '06, 21:57

welcome to the house! *newbzzderz(hence the tittle)*
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right here

Post Feb 25th '06, 22:29

Welcome to The Pfhorums! The newest forum on the block for us 'Thoners!!!!

Here you will find many things, such as:
  1. Help with certain parts of the marathon campaigns. Both 3rd party and original
  2. An integrated community all with one well known thing in common: Love for Marathon!
  3. FREE CUPCAKES!! well, virtual cupcakes, at least.
  4. Listing of Game Days
  5. Reviews, Previews, and Demos of new Content in the Marathon Universe.
  6. Fun Filled Contests, Tournaments, and Activities such as the Cooperative Map Making!
  7. Amazing Celebrities such as Appleswitch, Goran, and If your lucky, Even Bob with Keycard Himself!!
  8. And Much, Much More!

And I would like to say again, welcome to Pfhorums! And enjoy your stay!
En Taro Adun,

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Post Feb 26th '06, 01:46

so hello helloman what do you do everyday?
elite energy

Post Feb 26th '06, 07:48

"Information technology specialist - system integration"
im learning this job atm

and the other part of my time im writing, reading, making music
(too much for my little weak human mind, so theres everytime a little danger of ...well...somekind of shizophren attacks ;) )

Post Mar 1st '06, 02:58


Welcome to the pfhorums.

(more monotone sentences)

I think tofu is lying about the cupcakes. I never saw any...
If it's tourist season, why can't we shoot them?

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Post Mar 1st '06, 16:16

ill see whats going on here

so thats enough ,we dont want to spam
thank you....for the attention to a new member ;)

Post Mar 12th '06, 01:04

hallo, Im taking german 3 at hs so mines still not too good. Welcome to the Pfhorums

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