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Post Jul 5th '07, 01:59

Guten tag, always wanted to get onto a marathon forum but never found the time. This is pretty awsome.
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Post Jul 5th '07, 02:46

Serris wrote:Guten tag, always wanted to get onto a marathon forum but never found the time. This is pretty awsome.

Your avatar looks so familiar, like I've seen it millions of times before...

Oh yeah, I remember.
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South Park, CO

Post Jul 11th '07, 02:22



The emoticons are Vidbois. I am now officially amused.

Hello, all!

My brothers (Phobos-Romulus and Nathan92) think I'm probably the first pfhemale on the pfhorums. :P

Happy 7-7-07 (belated)!
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Post Jul 11th '07, 16:08

Oh, lovely system. Love this new trend of making everything on the internet an even bigger pain in the ass. Not like forums accumulate enough worthless user-driven span as it is without making it mandatory, right?

Post Jul 11th '07, 16:10

quit yer whinin'
Can't speel for hist.

Post Jul 11th '07, 16:39

Phortiphy wrote:quit yer whinin'


Post Jul 14th '07, 03:27

Why hullo thar.

Post Jul 15th '07, 01:47

Hi Guys, well i have heard about the pfhorums [MSmile] for a while now and i finally took the time to register. So, HI to everyone!
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If You Are Always Dying in The Game, You Are Not a Bad Player, You Are Learning.
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Sharkie Lino

Post Jul 15th '07, 02:01

Welcome to the Pfhorums! Have a nice stay! [MLaugh]
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The Thug

Post Jul 15th '07, 02:02

Sharkie Lino wrote:Hi Guys, well i have heard about the pfhorums [MSmile] for a while now and i finally took the time to register. So, HI to everyone!

(read: don't forget to post those m2 shapes)

Can't speel for hist.

Post Jul 16th '07, 19:07

RyokoTK wrote:As a fairly primitive way to deter spam, users of the group "Members" cannot post new topics. You should automatically update to "Mjolnir Mark IV Cyborg" after posting once, but it doesn't seem to have worked retroactively, so you'll need to make a post somewhere else. If you need to, you can post some worthless comment in here and be automatically updated.

Having trouble with the system? Let me know.

Was wondering why I couldnt .
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Post Jul 17th '07, 23:49

Hey, i'm new and need to make a topic ^_^

Post Jul 18th '07, 08:56

Hi folks,

New guy here. I played marathon once a looong time ago and am interested in getting it working on my PC. I'll probably start a fresh topic, since I can't get marathon 1 to work for me. I extracted aleph one and put it in the MIAI directory, then added the enhanced texture files, and I double click on alephone.exe and nothing happens at all. No notice or warning or anything. If anyone can help, please let me know.



Post Jul 19th '07, 04:35

*eats some napalm*
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Post Jul 19th '07, 20:14

Frogblast the ventcore!
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Post Jul 20th '07, 07:34

Silvre wrote:My brothers (Phobos-Romulus and Nathan92) think I'm probably the first pfhemale on the pfhorums. :P

Some would probably think that I was the first...
Alan wrote:
QUOTE(Alan @ Feb 1 2008, 08:14 PM)
Also why is Bridget a guy yet he looks so pretty?

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Another World

Post Jul 20th '07, 07:52

Bridget wrote:Some would probably think that I was the first...

Now we have two-and-a-half on the Pfhorums?
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Post Jul 21st '07, 18:54

hi i am new here

Post Jul 23rd '07, 01:43

I'm guessing you have to reply to at least one topic before you can post your own? Anyway, I'm glad to be here, just another classic marathonner finally getting back in the action.

Post Jul 23rd '07, 17:40

"The APP mutations are a rare cause of AD. Well known APP mutations were not found which may partly be due to the small sample size (34 familial AD cases). The linkage study excluded the PS-1 and the PS-2 genes. This could be due to the structure of the AD families or excessively high age of onset in the affected AD patients in families. A missense mutation Glu318Gly was present in three affected AD cases and in two offspring from the same AD family but it was absent from 40 healthy controls. Whether it is pathogenic remains to be determined. Although an increased ApoE e4 allele frequency was observed in some ND groups, only in the AD group was this statistically significant when compared to controls. Increased AChE activities in CSF suggest that the cholinergic metabolism is altered in proportion to the number of ApoE e4 alleles in AD. This finding could have an impact on therapeutic approaches using cholinesterase inhibitors in AD. Increased risk of developing AD caused by e4 allele and its effect were independent from ACT and the PS-1 intron 8 polymorphisms."

Taken from Seppo Helisalmi's thesis of alzheimer's disease. I'm just trying to find something smart to say for my first post, so I can make a thread. Originally, I wanted to paste a study of an ant farm, but this was much easier to find.
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Post Jul 23rd '07, 18:37

Well, hi then. [MSmile]

Post Jul 24th '07, 07:38

Hey there, joining the Pfhorums because I have fond memories of Marathon and would like to get it to work on my PC.


Post Jul 25th '07, 12:18

Obligatory first post...
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Post Jul 25th '07, 12:22

Hi guys, I'm a long time marathon fan. I lost my original CD for infinity due to my CD were degrading, and finally found out that there a way to play marathon series again. I hope to be a active member in this community. [MSmile]

Post Jul 25th '07, 21:26

Yes, obligatory first post.

HI! [spnkr]
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