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Post Jan 25th '07, 13:30

RyokoTK wrote:"I DUNNO LOL."

That's right up there with nihilism.
A new beginning, Xrhey-force! Join, if you think you can!

Post Jan 26th '07, 03:26

I seem to have problem creating a new topic even though I'm up there in the Mjolner Mark IV group, and can only reply, nothing more.
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Post Jan 26th '07, 03:30

Phobos-Romulus wrote:What's kinda funny about that statement is that atheism isn't religion. It's quite the opposite. But, I'll respect your views. [MGrin]

you dont get the sence of irony/sarcasim in my voice?

thats why I said 'atheism'.

I DONT KNOW LOL (smiley face/shitface)
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right here

Post Jan 27th '07, 04:49


amalgam religion

looking forward to playing squadron

Post Feb 20th '07, 02:22

First post for the upgrading

Post Feb 20th '07, 04:28

i am a hugoist.

"However, Hugo didst layeth a nasty log, and the holy septic tank didst cloggeth. And soon, the feces didst accumulate, and the tank explodeth, splattering matter all over thine universe."
-Sam And Geoff 1:7

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But Billy is no more.
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Was H2S04.

Post Feb 21st '07, 21:01

Well, here goes for upgrading. Then I can post info on a new Scenario I'm working on! ^3^ Chyeah!

Canada. :)

Post Feb 22nd '07, 02:16

Welcome to the Pfhorums!
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Rochester MI

Post Feb 22nd '07, 04:52


It's a pleasure to be here.
Canada. :)

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Post Mar 9th '07, 18:20

RyokoTK wrote:As a fairly primitive way to deter spam, users of the group "Members" cannot post new topics. You should automatically update to "Mjolnir Mark IV Cyborg" after posting once, but it doesn't seem to have worked retroactively, so you'll need to make a post somewhere else. If you need to, you can post some worthless comment in here and be automatically updated.

Having trouble with the system? Let me know.

Har! Okay, I just signed up and got the 'can't post to this thread' message. So I'm posting as a reply. Actually the post I wanted to do, and which I'll do if I now have clearence, is to note that I had to re-register under a new name and email address just to get through. Seems that although I have been signed up to the Pfhorum for a year or so I no longer had access. I figured I'd forgot which password or user name I was using so I went to the recover password/name page and filled it in with my email address. Says I'll get reply by email right away--but no reply comes. I've tried this several times and carefully searched my filters, but nothing. Trying to register under old email or username however gets me the message that that name/email address is already in use. What's going on? If necessary I can retain my NEW email and username/password but I wonder why I can't retrieve the old one. I have made only a handful of posts in the last few months and I do not believe I have ever done anything which would get me kicked off the list--I never use flames or profanity. Can you help?

Post Mar 19th '07, 23:07

Posting here hoping to be able to post now.
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Post Mar 29th '07, 23:47


Post Mar 31st '07, 22:35

Worthless comment! Whooo!

Post Apr 1st '07, 04:01

Can't make a topic, so here's a post.

Post Apr 2nd '07, 19:44

lol, okay, here's a worthless topic to make it so I can post :P

Post Apr 3rd '07, 08:09

right, I need some support questions answered, so, here you go.

Post Apr 4th '07, 05:45


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Post Apr 4th '07, 13:13

Cool Cool. Hope this works
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Lochgilphead, Scotland

Post Apr 4th '07, 18:14

Worthless comment. [MGrin]

Post Apr 5th '07, 05:39


Also -- Proud Pastafarian. Which I guess is "I dunno LOL. Oh, hey look, some spaghetti..."

Post Apr 7th '07, 16:08

G'evening, let postage commence!

Post Apr 9th '07, 15:56

Hello Marathon Community!
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Post Apr 15th '07, 18:32

Wierd rank name.


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