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Post Sep 8th '10, 05:01

My goodness it's late here...
My name is [color=#00BFFF]Cortana, of the same steel and temper as Joyeuse and Durandal.[/color] Username= cortana 5
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Post Sep 8th '10, 19:41

Not here!

(obligatory first post so I can create a topic)
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- Durandal
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Post Sep 9th '10, 02:31

Hi, I am the reason that you can pown with the fusion pistol. [spnkr]
"I am the Nazi in the tank!"
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Post Sep 9th '10, 08:29

Hiya folks,

Long time Marathon enjoy-er and still so. Though that is Aleph One on the Windows XP desktop to the right of the souped up Power Mac 9600 (8600 Kansas board, 500 Mhz G3 - real souped up).

I even have the Bungie Action Pack for the Mac CD with the box and cloth bag it came in someplace, to play on a Performa 575 (still have that).

I'd been reading your phorum phor, um, sum thyme now.

Finally, joining to locate or somehow figure out how to get "The Classified 19" available for download for Windows / OS X users.

Well, for another phorum on The Phorums and another topic. However, I do have the ability to convert Mac files to .bin, then add the Windows file format suffix, and upload, slowly,for use with Aleph One. I'm back on dial-up since I have to move and don't want to deal with broadband contracts.

Also, if you have any questions about your rear wheel drive Volvo (240,700,900,100 series, and so forth), let me know, I used to turn wrenches. Yet am a technical writer/BA by trade.

Thank you. Happy Holidayze!

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Post Sep 15th '10, 02:33

Hey guys just got started with linux through school and now wanted to play marathon. I used to play it through my mom old g3 mac and found this exciting.

Post Sep 15th '10, 15:57

Hello there, aspiring map maker and total newbie (freely admitted) here! Looking for some help with Pfhorge for OS X, as the help files are totally useless and vague, hoping to be pointed in the direction of a few decent tutorials :D
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Post Sep 17th '10, 03:46

New Marathon bro reporting in.

Expect shitty welcome topic shorty.
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Post Sep 18th '10, 12:32

Hello, it does not let to me put topic in the section new welcomes.
law that if tapeworm any problem with this wrote here.
It only is for presenting/displaying to me, since I am new and was to greet them to all.
I anxiously hope to be able to play a great game with all you. a greeting :)

Post Sep 19th '10, 01:26

hello all. [MWuh]
I just got into the marathon series a few days ago and I enjoy it alot.
I already tried modding it , but...well I sorta fail...
so I joined here so I could learn how to do it properly
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Post Sep 19th '10, 04:58


Post Sep 21st '10, 18:42

hehe opps didnt introduce myself first oh well istill made a first post but why not introduce myself? im a 18 year strange Kitsune who atm is trying to port Aleph one to the xbox.. and not doing so well lol i became a Fan of marathon when i was about 12? 13 maybe and found aleph one for the first time ^_^ and just loved it from the moment i started

Post Sep 28th '10, 11:50

Worthless comment it is.

Except... I might as well as my question here.

It's like this: I enjoyed Marathon a lot back in the days when I had a 68k Mac. Now we're all over 3GHz and 64 bit Intel and generally super-duper, I found out about Aleph One and I thought I might enjoy playing Marathon again, just with full quality graphics :-)

The problem is that the available Aleph One version of Marathon 1 (at least) is set to a much harder difficulty than that which I enjoy playing at. Perhaps it's because I'm an ancient relic (in my 40s but I've still got all my hair), but I don't seem able to complete any levels without the use of the spoiler guide, and that rather takes the fun out of things.

So my question is: is there a way - somehow - to get an Aleph One version of Marathon operating at the old "normal" difficulty level?

This is I suspect not the best place to ask, but since I've got to make a post anyway...

Thanks for any thoughts

Post Sep 28th '10, 12:46

When you open up the game, click "Preferences" then "Player". The difficulty setting is right there. You can set it all the way down to Kindergarten if you need to.
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Post Sep 28th '10, 20:00

Treellama wrote:When you open up the game, click "Preferences" then "Player". The difficulty setting is right there. You can set it all the way down to Kindergarten if you need to.

You're right - thank you.

I have no idea why I was unable to see this until prompted to look closely. I expect it was because of the very different appearance.


Post Oct 10th '10, 08:32

Hello all! Thought I'd drop in and activate my profile, like everybody else. ;)

I'm hoping one of you will help me out. I'm having trouble using Aleph One with openGL, so I'm confined to *shudder* software rendering. Not that it's that bad. I remember how sharp the graphics looked with the TTEP after using BasiliskII -- but that was on Windows. I should probably post this in a more relevant forum, though.

Post Oct 11th '10, 22:34

hi gays ;)

just dropping in to introduce myself

be good
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Post Oct 12th '10, 04:11

RyokoTK wrote:As a fairly primitive way to deter spam, users of the group "Members" cannot post new topics. You should automatically update to "Mjolnir Mark IV Cyborg" after posting once, but it doesn't seem to have worked retroactively, so you'll need to make a post somewhere else. If you need to, you can post some worthless comment in here and be automatically updated.

Having trouble with the system? Let me know.

Great. I hope it works.

Post Oct 18th '10, 03:02

hay guise

Post Oct 22nd '10, 19:45

And so it begins [MGrin] ... with liberty and apple pie for all!
Recreational Marathon user
Lost in the dead space of Minnesota

Post Nov 5th '10, 01:19

Well... It's been quite some time sense my last visit to these dark and... occasionally haunted corridors. Just popping back after killing some more mallards in Rubicon, and I'm itching to gripe over the sever lack of ammunition.

Maybe even unload a few rounds into you all online, if you be willing. [MGrin]

Bah! I blather on and creep about, shit lets fight or something!
Just keep running, just keep shooting, just keep droppin' 'em dead.
Just keep going, just keep moving, just keep pumping that lead!
- Sung to the tune 'Aint we got fun?' by Van and Schneck 1921

Argh, I'm bored.

Post Nov 11th '10, 10:51

Hi all, Weyoun is da name! I've been a fan of Halo ever since I played it for the first time when I was a kid!

Post Nov 16th '10, 09:55

If Bernhard could see me now, he'd be so proud.
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Post Dec 2nd '10, 14:53

Cats, cookies, guitars, birds and tea are all great things. Also Marathon.
Malmö, Sweden

Post Dec 14th '10, 16:18

Hello Y'all,

Just posting in here so I can formerly introduce myself.

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