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Post Jan 23rd '06, 02:58

Hello! I am tozero.

I am relatively new to the 'community' (maybe commune?), even though I've been playing since before the box set came out (which is when I got into Forge.)

I enjoy testing the limits of the engine, making forge crash, using the TOZ-T to cook marshmallows, and long walks by the beach.

Please take care of me, and when I die, be sure to recycle (unlike what happened to your goldfish. you know who you are.)


Post Jan 23rd '06, 03:19

Hey, glad to have you here
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Post Jan 23rd '06, 04:10

I'm so sorry!!! Forgive me, Goldie!!

Post Jan 23rd '06, 04:30

Lol, hey there, just remember, you expired yesterday, so GIT TEH HELL OUTA HERE! ;)


Post Jan 23rd '06, 04:47

Yes, you are edible.

No, I will not take care of you(That's Moppy's job, just don't let him call you doog).

No, you will not be recycled, you're going with the goldfish.
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Post Jan 23rd '06, 21:29

Sorry, I'm not into cannibalism. =P

Welcome to the pfhorums.com

Post Jan 23rd '06, 21:48

Welcome and have fun!

Post Jan 23rd '06, 22:18

Hi I'm also new to the Pfhorums, although I have been playing since 1995 and have been obsessed with it ever since. My interest was renewed with release of the source code, which although its development has not always gone in the directions I wanted it to, I still believe has great potential. Not the mention the overwhelming desire to spread the word about this great and dispell the widely held belief that Halo is Bungies first game. I am also keen on developing the story via new scenarios set in the marathon Universe/Multiverse. Also interested in the development of new, better, multi-platform tools for editing Marathon considering Forge and Anvils limitations.

Post Jan 23rd '06, 22:55

Welcome to the Pfhorums, I've got no OS 9 so heres 2 apps I use in X. Pfhorge takes some getting used to and so does ShapeFusion but are alot better in my opinion.

ShapeFusion.png (19.03 KiB) Viewed 2231 times
Pfhorge.app.png (30.96 KiB) Viewed 2228 times
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