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Post Oct 3rd '12, 19:27

Just joined the Pfhorums. I played Marathon 2 in college back in the late 90s. When I did a quick search to find if I could download Marathon anywhere, I found Aleph One and all of the impressive fan-generated content. Waves of nostalgia (and procrastination) followed.

One of the big reasons I decided to join the Pfhorums is just to thank the people who put in the time to make some of these new maps. Some of these scenarios (e.g. Marathon Phoenix) are amazingly done, and in my opinion, far better than the original trilogy. I've also enjoyed going through some of the KTA series, while getting my ass served up on a platter.

While I certainly don't have the talent nor the time make new maps, one thing I haven't seen much of recently in this community are films. The vidmaster thing died out more than a decade ago, but there was something missing in the whole thing---it was dominated by old-school keyboarders, and it devolved into a punchfest or using weak weapons, and wasn't fun to watch. I'd much rather watch someone proficiently using their guns to kick some ass.

No guarantees, but maybe later I'll start a thread with some films. I'm not a particularly good player, but gotta start somewhere...
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