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Post Mar 23rd '06, 02:57

Hi! In you can find a temporal blog used as a forum. If you can to propose a Tournament, post it in the blog - it's open to everyone -.
Send comments, individual profiles and team profiles to When the full site will be finished, i will publish all the teams and individual players registered.
Note: Tournament times must be given in GMT time, and is responsability of all the players to do the corresponding calculations.
I hope that you can visit the site and add more ideas to make a great site... Marathon can't die... and Marathon WON'T die ->> A1 is the legacy of Marathon. Do you can say something different?
I'm waiting for a challenge.-
MA7 Master.-

Post Mar 23rd '06, 03:17

Macsforever wrote:What? This topic is pointless and moronic, go rape an eight year old next time.

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Post Mar 24th '06, 02:41

yeah, this forum is spectacular... my site only pretends to make a specific action - team and individual Tournaments, apart of my ideas about the team deathmatch that I'll publish later -, and I'll continue using this forum. Here remains the full essence of A1 -> i know that its name is Aleph One, tux0beliver.

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