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Individual deathmtach.
You can try at adress
Fortress Lh'owon and Return to Waldo
More info about the past Tournament visit my website from tomorrow
See you (specially to appleswitch!).-
Aleph One Find Internet Game is disabled...or at least, it appears to me...
P.D.Because the router troubles, I hope to find a good person that can be the server this game. Third Masters Tournament will be on my own server, possibly Friday, April 21st, and it will be a team deathmatch.
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Post Apr 2nd '06, 02:32

what day?
-- Straeshi
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Melbourne, Australia

Post Apr 4th '06, 02:19

The Second Masters Tournament has been posposed to the next Friday (April 15th), at 15.45 in Chile and the involucrated parallel, and 19.45 in UTC. I recommend to everyone to use a time zone conversion table to coordinate the game.
If you can't contact me inside the game, try connecting to, official dinamic DNS client of mine.
See you!
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