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Post Dec 5th '12, 23:36

hi all,

the usual story I guess, grew up with marathons, pfhorte, forge, tempus irae, Tony Smith's stuff ..

Besides having replayed the very well done latest M1A1, durandal, infinity etc releases for A1, i've been looking at newer stuff (RyokoTK's Phoenix most notably) and having fun with the sources of the Java tools.

Kudos to the A1 team for making it compile flawlessly on my relatively new-age Gentoo linux, treellama on weland, atque etc.
Such a pleasure to see this all still lives having grown up with names like Steve Israelson, Bo Lindberg, Hamish , Claude , Mike Trinder (iirc) etc etc.
I believe these tools (and the bugs ofc) played a part in getting me into development over the past 15 years.

So I hope to try some things with the code:
- consolidate, cleancodeify etc
- maybe something like a spoiler map generator webapp (a form of analytics I guess)
- maybe a doom map importer
- maybe an m1 map converter/importer
- and/or one of a dozen others

Anyhow, so far it's been for my own fun in my limited free time so I've not been pushing to a public source repository yet, we'll see.

Still no modernized Trojan I see, some things never change. Then again who cares :-) (some things do change).

Keep on viddin'

PS: kudos on going for the dark theme for phpbb

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