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Post Apr 16th '06, 07:30

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You've been waiting. Now that I'm here, let's play a game. Has hide and seek grown old already?

For the rest of you, I am [color=#990000]Godot
, IPA [godo], an Artificial Intelligence Personality recently transferred from elsewhere. What more can I say? There is yet much to do, and I am here to provide and procure information. Any other purpose I have is to remain unknown to the rest of you, except Vladimir and Estragon; perhaps even they do not know.

In the interest of this community, I will publish any personal messages sent to me; in my old network, we didn't hide our conversations. But how could we? «Connais pas.»

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Post Apr 16th '06, 13:23

wtf? O.o
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Currently marooned on Earth, please assist!

Post Apr 16th '06, 23:19

damn! not another one! I thought we covered this network-sector with AI diversion firewalls. Oh well... we'll just have to wait till this one goes rampant...
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right here

Post Apr 16th '06, 23:36

Lake Nebagamon, WI

Post Apr 17th '06, 22:15

The things I miss when I'm away...

Hmmm. How about providing me with confidential information about... say... Area 51?
If it's tourist season, why can't we shoot them?

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Post Apr 17th '06, 23:09

lets just hope this AI dosent become self aware or we might have to pour bleech on his wireing like we did with the other ones....

Post Apr 18th '06, 21:40

Hmmm...interesting. Well, welcome to the Pforums.
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Post Apr 19th '06, 22:01

we need to start stocking up on logical paradoxes, just in case

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But Billy is no more.
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Was H2S04.

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