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Been playing marathon ever since it came out, and even before that Pathways Into Darkness. Loved every minute of it. By far my favorite sci-fi shooter series ever made. Best artwork, best sounds, best map design, best story, everything about these games blew my mind. Still playing now, working on Phoenix. This is way overdue. Anyways I feel that Marathon never got the credit or appreciation it deserved and is more overshadowed by the Halo series. Does anyone wanna help make gameplay videos or reviews? It must be done! There are hardly any on YouTube. I've already made a couple, but with my limited hardware they are a bit laggy. You wouldn't believe how many "hardcore" gamers don't know anything about this series.

Links to videos below, don't hesitate to let me know what you think!


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Welcome to the Pfhorums! [MSmile]

I made a video years ago which has probably been forgotten by most people here called Thursday Night Marathon. I don't think YouTube was very big back then. I haven't done any video production since, and now I mostly run the Pfhorums and Simplici7y.
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That's pretty awesome. What did you use to record that? I'm having trouble figuring out the Aleph One films function. I would also like to get in on some multiplayer games. How do I find games?

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Open Aleph One
Join Network Game (or press J)
Find Internet Game
Select a game
Join (or double click on game)
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