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Post Jun 27th '13, 23:04

Well hello there, community. I am a veteran Marathon'er. Back in my pre-teen/teenage days on the folks' Quadra or whatever the hell it was, I was an addict. Regular poster to the story page... in fact I successfully vidded every level but two in the entire trilogy (both M1 levels, Habe Quiddam and one of the Pfhor levels). Hamish said something about the films showing nothing new or whatever and didn't post them, that prick. I figured I should've at least gotten the recognition for doing what very few had ever done. Anyway, without inflating my ego too much, I'll also give myself credit for being a pretty good map-maker. I was working on my own total conversion scenario. I was never much of an artist, but I could make some pretty awesome, sprawling, intricate levels. Stole some texture sets from around the internet, had my buddy make a few chapter screens and new aliens, I tried composing a few new sounds too. Then my Mac died and I lost it all. It's actually still in storage somewhere, but I had made so many modifications over the years I have no idea even if I could recover it, which version it would be. That was kind of traumatic and marked the abrupt end of my Marathon interest.

Annnnyway, just last night I got myself a copy of Sheep Saver and Forge and started playing around making a map. Ironically I can't even *play* Marathon anymore (I do have Marathon 2 on the XBOX) but my golly it was both a trip down memory lane and absolutely satisfying that I *still* remembered not only how to compose a map but do a bunch of old map tricks (I spent a good hour building a room with 4 overlapping polygons to simply give the illusion of a bridge... then I realized I did it wrong and only needed 2!)

If anyone gives a shit maybe I'll upload the map when it's done and let y'all play it.


Post Jun 28th '13, 03:52

doctorbenjiphd wrote:Ironically I can't even *play* Marathon anymore

Why not?

Upload your map when it's done. It might be interesting to see what your version of an awesome, sprawling, intricate level is.
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Post Jun 28th '13, 10:35

Stupid question here, but you have heard of Aleph One, which is a marathon engine that runs on modern computers, right?

You can also use Weland, which is similar to Forge, and avoid having to use sheep saver.
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Post Jun 28th '13, 10:40

If you really can't use Marathon though, you might want to stick with Forge, since you have to use an in game Marathon script, VML, to texture. I suppose you could just use Forge to texture though.
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Post Jun 28th '13, 20:46

I should rephrase, I can run Marathon on my computer no problem, but I was always a keyboard player, and I don't have one with 10-key. I've tried playing with keyboard/mouse but I can't get into it.

I have heard of Aleph One.... in fact it came out shortly before my hard drive crash all those years ago. I had begun porting the levels I'd made to A1, but the truth of the matter is at the time there was only one feature I really wanted, and that was the limitless amount of transparent lines your line of sight can cross. I can't tell you how many times I've run into that problem. I am not up to date whatsoever on A1 and have no idea what awesome advances they have made. And the truth is I am a little too intimidated to dive into that. I'd prefer to just make a few recreational campaign levels without having to learn the advanced engines' new features. Which is why I am still using Forge.

I have heard of other map editors, in fact I had tried one a few months back, but the lack of visual mode turned my lazy self off so hard I didn't even bother learning how to use it properly. I guess you can make the levels with this editor in conjuncture with Forge for visual mode, but I am so used to Forge that is what I am sticking with.

By the way, my versions of awesome, sprawling, intricate levels were the ones I'd built 10+ years ago. I don't have anywhere near the patience or skill to make those kind of levels these days, at least not at this point. But I am having a great time working on my level. I realize I am using way too many 90 degree angles. But I don't care at this point. Maybe by the time I finish this one if I am inspired or praised enough I will make more, which will no doubt get better and better.

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