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Howdy ho there

Post Jul 4th '13, 04:23

Hello there.

I'm not truly a Marathon fan as I've never played the games (I have played Halo of course), but I do have some Marathon related questions. None of the boards pop out to me as the one which I should post my question on so I figured I would ask here. The link below is my question posed on the official bungie forums, but nobody could help me there. Would some kind soul help point me to the right subforum to post this in? ... d=60795438

Post Jul 4th '13, 07:43

Hah, that's a pretty nice find.

The Marathon Discussion subforum would probably be the best place to ask here on the Pfhorums.

You may also consider cross-posting to the Marathon Story Forum. The link you posted in the topic is old, but the forum is still active, and likely would be very interested in this piece Marathon memorabilia. I'm sure they could help you put a price tag on it.

Welcome to the Pfhorums, by the way; even if your stay is short. :D
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President People

Post Jul 9th '13, 22:56

Thanks a lot, posted both places.

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