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Hello everyone

Post Aug 22nd '14, 19:46

I have been playing marathon for almost a year now, i met it through Halo, and i love it. I first played the entire trilogy on the iPad, though i couldn't exit Pfhoraphobia for some reason. Marathon 2 was the first one i completed. Marathon Infinity was even better then the previous two. I've played a couple of third party scenario's too, like Rubicon and TGI (my favorites) and siege of Nor'korh. And i've almost finished Phoenix.
I would like to make my own scenario one day too, i have some great imagination. I already downloaded Weland and i'm trying to make maps, though it's not much of a succes.

Anyway that's me, i hope i'l be a fun Pfhorum-visitor (not sure if that's the right term but i think you got what i meant right?)
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Post Aug 22nd '14, 20:27


I guess the guys that ported Marathon to iPad deserve a lot of credit. I thought it was neat that you could play on iOS, but I figured playing through the whole trilogy that way would be an ordeal. There are so many other games vying for attention, I think it's terrific that newcomers still get really into both playing and modding Marathon.
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Crater Creator

Post Aug 22nd '14, 20:33

Agreed. I'm now rather curious. If I ever get a tablet, I'll need to take a look.
The Forge tutorials can be found on YouTube. Conventional wisdom in my very recently acquired experience seems to be one should watch those.
You'll find Weland is insufficient by its lonesome. Vasara or Visual Mode for Aleph One seem to be the means to texture and refine your maps. Not every feature of Forge's old Visual Mode is available there, but some of the lost features aren't much beloved anyway.
Presently working on andnomoreshallwepart.sceA
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Aboard the Manus Celer Dei

Post Aug 23rd '14, 08:53

hi there

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Post Aug 23rd '14, 13:12

I've watched the tutorials for forge and i think i'm getting the hang of Weland now, i'm experimenting with Vasara, but i don't know if you can save any textures that you've added that way, still it's pretty fun.
And right now i'm playing marathon on the pc instead of tablet, because now i play other scenarios too, but it's certainly worth a try to install it on a tablet.
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Post Aug 23rd '14, 18:50

Qtekly wrote:i'm experimenting with Vasara, but i don't know if you can save any textures that you've added that way

To save your changes, you need to use the ".save level" command in the Aleph One console. From Vasara's Read Me:

To save your work, press the "Chat/Console" key (default is backslash: \ ) and then type:

Code: Select all
.save level my-fabulous-level.sceA

The period at the start is important! You can replace "my-fabulous-level.sceA" with whatever filename you like. Your level will be saved in Aleph One's standard location for your platform; see:

http://sourceforge.net/p/marathon/wiki/ ... Locations/
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Post Aug 23rd '14, 19:45

Oh, cool, i didn't know that, i need to remember that. i guess i missed that when i was reading the read me.
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