Hello Everyone!

Introduce yourself here!

Hello Everyone!

Post Sep 20th '14, 19:10

Hello! I'm Bytube, I make online videos and I develop video games!

Here's a link to my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Bytubestudios
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Post Sep 21st '14, 04:23

Welcome. Do you play, or have an interest in, Marathon? I have a youtube channel too, but no videos. I occasionally comment, but most of the time I watch videos about anime, video games, Shadowrun, video game news, and when I'm in the mood, Marathon. (By the way, RyokoTK did a fairly entertaining let's play of his Total Conversion game, Marathon Phoenix. He just calls it a playthrough with commentary, but that's what a Let's Play is. He doesn't think that Let's Plays involve in-depth understanding of a game and lots of pre-planning? He's never heard of Chuggaaconroy. X3 That guy does bucketloads of research for each game he does a let's play series of. X3)

Anyway, I got sidetracked there. Welcome to the Pfhorums.
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