I'm not dead.

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I'm not dead.

Post Jun 9th '15, 05:38

Hi, long time loser, second (third?) time caller.

You may not remember my one time obsession with something called MPDX, which cost me the use of a kidney and the ability to walk backwards in the rain on Tuesdays. After years of painful physical therapy, I am now able to pee standing up again, and have some free time. So I'm back. Again. No idea why.

If anyone wants any of the old MPDX stuff, I'll upload it somewhere. I've given up on that, and am now focusing on an immersive dating-sim type scenario involving the characters from the Marathon universe. So far it's called "Tokimeki LOVE MPDX PLUS Memorial Princess Maker Doki-Doki Extreme III ∀ 2.2: You Can (Not) 4GET", but I'm open to suggestions.
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Post Jun 10th '15, 07:41

Definitely would like the MPDX stuff to not be lost to the ether of the internet. Please upload it somewhere so I may download it. I always admired your work on that project, glad to hear it is not all lost.
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Post Jun 10th '15, 10:21

I don't think it's a stretch to call the work you did on MPDX groundbreaking. If you're moving on, please package it up and upload it to Simplci7y.
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Crater Creator

Post Jul 19th '15, 04:14

(●__●)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(●__●)
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