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Post Jan 18th '10, 08:37

Hi, Rise Robot Rise here or riserobotrise, however you like to spell it. ( you can tell where I got my screen name from ;) )

I like to consider myself to be a 'lone marathoner' meaning I usually fly solo, in fact I've only flew solo in my marathon adventures.

I have at times, been involved in the marathon community in the past before - for example I have in the past contributed to Hamish Sinclair's
Marathon Story Page, I have contributed to the online forums at the Marathon.org page, I have actively
played Marathon 3rd party scenarios, and I submitted a vidmaster video to the marathon vidmaster page but for some reason they didn't put it up :'( ...
(A little side note here, when I was 14 or 15, I can't exactly remember when, I dreamed up a 3rd party scenario idea, that took place during the
Third Martian War and it was supposed to act as a prequel to the marathon series).

Other than that, I never really played online against other players in the past, but hey, maybe sometime I can give it a try.

I have however played myth: TFL and Myth 2: SBL extensively and used to be quite active on playmyth.net and marius as well, this was a while back
if any of you are mythers, and you remember a player named 'Nation', well that was me :D


The reason why I'm here is to get a refill om my Marathon nostalgia
its been about 12 years since I've extensively played the game, and maybe about 7 since I played it at all.
I figured I would like to revisit all three games in the trilogy, and enjoy all the memories it will bring
I will be making numerous posts since I have quite a few questions to ask. I'm glad to see that there is a Marathon forum that is quite active.


Post Jan 18th '10, 16:53

Well then, I'll be the first to welcome you to the Pfhorums. Since you apparently haven't been active in this community for quite some time, you may not be aware of some of the more recent Marathon web pages, such as source.bungie.org for the revamped Marathon engine known as Aleph One, and simplici7y.com for third-party maps. And I hope you enjoy your time here
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Post Jan 18th '10, 18:13

Hola señor Riserobotrise.

Deseas bailar?
"Cause I got a shotgun, and you ain't got one."
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Post Jan 18th '10, 21:36

Welcome to the Pfhorums, riserobotrise. Enjoy your stay. [MGrin]
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Post Jan 19th '10, 20:36

"Cause I got a shotgun, and you ain't got one."
Formerly Felldoh93
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