Hello, greetings from Argentina!

Introduce yourself here!

Hello, greetings from Argentina!

Post Sep 1st '17, 20:41

My name is Exepa. I play the Marathon since I was a kid and I love the whole saga, but because I do not know English at the time, I'm translating the terminals a little so I can follow the story.

That is why I got into a translation project, where I am currently translating the Marathon 2 and I was able to introduce translated text to the game.

I hope to learn from you in this Marathon universe.

Sorry for english, but I used Google Translator, since my English is terrible in writing, not so in reading.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Post Sep 1st '17, 23:27

Hello! Best of luck on that translation project.
welcome to the scene of the crash
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Post Sep 2nd '17, 08:10

Theres a Spanish version of Marathon 2 on the Xbox 360
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Post Sep 2nd '17, 09:11

Thanks for the information about the XBLA version in Spanish, but I did not find anything about it being passed to PC, besides I do not have an Xbox 360 xD

There seems to be an Xbox emulator from 2015, it would not hurt to try (?)
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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