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Post Dec 4th '17, 19:02

Hey everybody, I’m Awup

I’m a die hard Doom fan and have been playing Doom for about 12 years. I enjoyed playing Marathon a lot growing up too. I’ve played some online matches with people a few times and I’ve beaten Infinity. My goal with creating this Pfhorum account is to learn more about the Marathon community, mapping, mods, and hopefully play some kick ass death matches too. It seems like the Marathon community has never been quite like the Doom community as far as activity. I’m really happy to see people still posting here and it even looks like people are still making new maps and playing some deathmatches too. That’s awesome.

Do you guys ever use discord or anything to actively chat about Marathon? I would be very interested in joining that if possible.

Post Dec 4th '17, 20:03

Welcome. There is a forums dedicated to chatting Marathon story stuff here :

The Pfhorums here are far from its glory days. Activity is more of a trickle. Last time I checked there were still some multiplayer matches happening. Create your Marius account and check it out. I don't bother playing Marathon online anymore due to lag but maybe you'll have better luck.

Here is the place to go for recent user made content :
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Post Dec 4th '17, 20:34

RadBurn wrote:Marius account


There is a marathon discord, details can be found here.
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Post Dec 5th '17, 21:52

Ah thanks. I can’t wait to play some mods and maybe try some mapping. I’ve done some Doom mapping. I wonder if its any similar.

Post Dec 5th '17, 22:29

Awup wrote:I’ve done some Doom mapping. I wonder if its any similar.

It is, but it's a bit more tedious as you have to texture walls in-game and not with a program, unless you're running the original Forge.
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Post Dec 8th '17, 08:11

You know, that's the first time I've ever heard someone say "beaten Infinity." "finished," "played through," "explored," "experienced," even "completed," but not "beaten." Before I pollute your mind with my own imaginings, what constitutes "beating" Infinity to you?
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Post Dec 8th '17, 21:18

I wondered about this once and received helpful comments;
generically speaking it is a ordinary successful completion.
Special criteria completions have special names.
I just play 'em; I don't know how they work.
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Post Dec 9th '17, 05:51

Hm. In those terms, come to think of it, I've never beaten Infinity. The closest I got, I found the Vidmaster's Challenge term before I found the real ending, and was rather confused as to what happened with the station but nonetheless pressed on until Destiny.
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Post Dec 11th '17, 08:09

ravenshining wrote:and was rather confused as to what happened with the station

I've always been confused about the ending of Infinity. Does Lh'owon blow up or does the station's gravity bending space-magic save the system from the trih xeem? The S'pht'Kr talk like they're evacuating but I've never been 100% sure.
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Post Dec 11th '17, 10:43

I think the idea is that to prevent the nova, the star was collapsed into an artificial black hole or something (a far less immediate but still important concern to those on the planet)
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