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Post Jun 27th '06, 14:27

i just got my own .mac account so i have a new email, of course i will still recieve email from my rocketeer1@mac.com account, but in the future if you want to contact me, you can reach me atMarathonUESC@mac.com pretty cool huh?

Post Jun 27th '06, 17:14

no not cool!

but, I will put that down in my adress book, [MTongue]
shongshong.vze.com (main site)
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Marathon Squadron
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right here

Post Jun 27th '06, 17:49

The only choice you have is the one I've already made for myself. Disappear into the darkness. Then make them fear the shadows.

"Real life, getting in the way of nerds since 1983"
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Currently marooned on Earth, please assist!

Post Jun 27th '06, 21:34

thats awsome
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