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Um, hi?

Post Jun 16th '18, 21:44

I was first introduced to marathon quite some time ago, but i first got to play the game on late 2016 (december). So it's been about 18 months that i've been playing marathon and it's been quite a ride so far. Not only have i finished the campaigns of all three games (not on total carnage though) but also got a friend of mine into it as well and played the games in co op (and even tried deathmach in 5d space). currently i'm looking to finish marathon phoenix and maybe do it in co op as well. [a1logo]
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Post Jun 17th '18, 05:00

hi and welcome

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Post Jun 17th '18, 05:46

thank you
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Post Jun 17th '18, 08:47

Welcome to the Pfhorums.
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The Man
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Post Jun 17th '18, 11:50

Welcome, and good luck with Phoenix! ^^
welcome to the scene of the crash
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Post Jun 18th '18, 02:27

Welcome aboard.
Besides the big scenarios, don't forget to search through the Pfhorums for some short i.e. unfinished but playable ones such as here and here. There are others in the Pfhorums.

Also, look here for youtubes of lots o levels.
There are several channels on youtube that have extensive Marathon levels.

Follow what's going on in the Projects Pfhorum: a new version of the original and a new version of Eternal in the making. You can watch it happen as it happens.

If'n you're home alone and want to play the net maps, take the Simplici7y link on the main page then search for Survival. You'll find a plugin that supplies hoards of enemies.
There are also some good maps on Simplici7y.

And don't forget Yuge. Read the Pfhorum about it's development to understand what it is.

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Post Jun 18th '18, 05:57

that's a lot of stuff, I'll look into those
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Post Jun 18th '18, 06:52

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