Hello! Curious about the Aleph One engine!

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Hello! Curious about the Aleph One engine!

Post Apr 5th '19, 03:55

Hello, y'all. Im an artist and designer who is very curious about the Aleph One engine. I would love to get into contact with people who are familiar with it and its functions. Ion Maiden is an upcoming 3D Realms title that is utilizing a modified version of Eduke32, this has led me on a internet spanning chase to find a retro fps engine that may be suitable for a brand new title.

Does anyone think an fps built from the ground up using Aleph One could be possible?
Does anyone have experience with the tools needed to produce maps and content for Aleph One?

Thanks for looking! you can check out my work here is your interested.

and more recent work here

Post Apr 5th '19, 04:09

I would go so far as to say it's technically possible to create a game using the Aleph One engine.
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Post Apr 5th '19, 04:18

Yes, and also there are a lot of people here with experience with the tools needed to produce maps and content for it.

Whether any of them are both talented enough to be useful, and also available to help with anything new, is another question. So far as I'm aware, everyone with talent is either Too Old For This Shit or else eyeballs-deep in the to-do list for their own project.
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Post Apr 6th '19, 22:01

I'm kind of doing something like that, and I sometimes wonder why.

Like, shapes files, blech. Physics models, blech. If you want to do anything not explicitly alloted for within the original games the engine was created for, there's lots of work to be done. I guess that's part of the fun for me, maybe? I'm not entirely sane.

Doable? Totally. Trivial? No. Worthwhile? Up to you.
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Not Invented Here

Post Apr 8th '19, 00:35

What kind of features are you looking for?

If you're leaning towards anything in the 3D-modeling camp, Aleph One wouldn't be my first selection.
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Post Apr 8th '19, 11:59

I actually would like to build a sprite based first person shooter like Marathon or the Build Engine titles. I am an animator with experience in 3D but a lot more experience in 2D. I have always enjoyed the feel of 2.5D FPS titles more than fully 3D. I think the technical challenge would be more enjoyable as well. 1997's Blood is my favorite shooter of all time. :D

Post Apr 10th '19, 15:29

I don't have anything to add onto but I like what you have on your ArtStation. Nice stuff you got there.
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Post Apr 10th '19, 20:41

Thank you!

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