Been a long time...

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Been a long time...

Post Jul 17th '20, 13:46

Hey folks.
Just have to say thanks to the people who have made it so easy for me to play the Marathon Series again.
I was a boy on a Mac in the late 90s when I started with Marathon 2 and I'm so happy now to be playing it again but now I can play the first and third game!
I still have my Marathon 2 game manual.
Looking forward to taking the journey again.
Cheers from Australia.

Post Jul 17th '20, 13:48

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Post Jul 18th '20, 04:14

Just wondering what settings I should use if I want the games to look the way they did originally?


Post Jul 18th '20, 05:35

Under the Environment preferences, turn off anything HD.

In the Graphics preferences, uncheck basically everything (except the Static option, which restores an original function, not overrides it).

That should probably about do it.
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Post Jul 18th '20, 10:25

awesome! Thank you!

Post Jul 19th '20, 16:12

If you really want to go back to the vanilla appearances, also switch to software mode. And if you want to restore the original dimensions of the game, change the HUD and terminal sizes to “largest”, which will give the game content onscreen a 4:3 aspect ratio (at the expense of eating up 33% of the screen height with the HUD).

I actually like the HD textures, though – the original textures were 128x128, which means blowing them up to 1080p would end up making them 8.4375 times larger. Seeing that much pixelation kind of breaks my suspension of disbelief, honestly.

Also, hi!
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