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Post May 18th '10, 23:44

After lurking about for some odd few months, I've decided to join.

I guess I'll give a little info on my 'Marathon history'.

Since 1996, I've been playing Marathon. Also, I was born in 1990, so I was merely a small child grenade hopping my way around on Power Macintosh 5200 LC. From those very early years, Marathon has remained my favorite game. I've even bought old G3s to use Forge and Advil on. Many countless hours were spent replaying each part of the trilogy along with Evil and other solo maps.

Anyway, I hope I can learn and find some cool stuff here on this board.

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Post May 19th '10, 00:09

Welcome to the Pfhorums!
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Post May 19th '10, 07:28

Welcome, *shakes hand*
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Post May 19th '10, 19:53

silentbreed wrote:I've even bought old G3s to use Forge and Advil on.

I know you meant anvil, but advil is far more appropriate.

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