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I've been lurking. Looking at this board and all its wonder. And now after all this waiting I shall finally create an account and post things. YAY. [MLaugh] [windoze]

Time for some history of me so you can get to know me:
Anyway, I started playing Marathon and Marathon 2 for that matter around 1997. I got a demo on one of my disks and played it intently. Wow, 3D environments. GUNS! I must play more. I played through the first 2 levels of the demo, the v1.2 one, and got stuck on the last one. Where to go? How do I get over the gap? I bought the Marathon strategy guide for the demo... How’s that for interesting. The Guide told me to use the run key. THERE's A RUN KEY? I bought the strategy guide for this? [spnkr] Makes me wonder why I didn't see any of those other aliens the book described. LOL Good to start with something funny. Well at Least I have that strategy guide for later use and memorabilia.

Anyway then I got the Trilogy Box Set for my Birthday and was forever changed. "OK, on one side we have gold bars," he says. "Mmm, mmm, don't they look good!" [Al Gore] The Maps, the Scenarios, the freezing shapes with ANVIL! Everything was so great (except the freezing). I thought the talent of the fan community was genius. And some of the Scenarios were so inventive. They were the best.

Then 3 years later I got the Internet. LOL

Then I found out Marathon had mouse support. DOH. This made life easier.

And after a while I wondered what had become of Marathon on the Internet. Then I discovered Aleph One. And now I try and wreck carnage on the Internet with fellow Marathoners
“Prepare for Descent”

By the Way, Marathon 2: Durendal was my favorite of the 3 games. (And I like Quotes hehe)
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Post Jul 2nd '06, 00:15

funny story you got there ( THERE's A RUN KEY? ) [MSmile]

and congrats to your 1st post :P

let's prey the ammo keeps being free to pick up from the floor and let the carnage begin

I myself started out with the Marathon beta, btw ( hence the signature ) and we peeps actually carried the comps over to one another to play the deathmatches, had to do it at night because my pal's dad occupied the comp for doing desktop publishing throughout the day. And then some dude broke one of our half closed windows by throwing an actual apple at it because we were so loud carnaging, heh.
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Post Jul 2nd '06, 00:33

Ah, yes, Blaspheme Quarantine. I never did beat it in the demo, due to not knowing about the run key :(
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Post Jul 2nd '06, 05:33

I got all the way to Cool Fusion in the m1 senario before I found out about the run key. I was wondering why it was so damn hard to get past one part of the game.

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