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I'll spare you further obvious refferences.

You may know me as uber_chaos from HBO, IBO, IAN, RVB or wherever else I've used that awful name. I sadly didn't get to REALLY play Marathon until just shortly after the release of the first Halo, but that doesn't mean the interest and intent wasn't there (also I was like six when marathon first shipped. I think that's an ok enough excuse).

Like three or four years ago Wu and I were going to try and revive the MBO main page to some extent, which seemed awesome. Then he never ported the news editor, crazy things (life) started happening, and it just never went anywhere. Fast forward to today, Bungie's Halo as we know it is essentially over, and I figured it was time to revist Marathon. Found an old email about updating the wiki, found this place, the rest is history. Link-clicking-safari-opening history.

Long story short, hi.
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underworld : simple fun netmaps // prahblum peack : simple rejected netmaps
azure dreams : simple horrible netmaps // v6.0!!!: thomas mann's greatest hits : simple simple netmaps
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It's Moppy

Just don't listen
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