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Post Apr 20th '11, 11:15

At long last, I was able to register to this forum.

Some players may recognize my username from perhaps a few months ago. On this forum, I most likely will only be active in trying to report some bugs or issues I'm experiencing with regards to this game on the technical side. In fact, I now have a problem in trying to run Aleph One on a somewhat new system. I tried some general searches on the Internet, but I had no luck in finding a fix for this.

Here's the issue I'm experiencing:

The system I'm using is a Mac OS 10.5, most current version.
After I download the most current version of Aleph one and the three Marathon Trilogy folders (M1A1, Marathon 2, and Marathon Infinity), I copy the Aleph One application and place it in one of the folders for the Marathon game. However, when I open the Aleph One within the folder, I immediately get an error message saying "The application AlephOne quit unexpectedly." I didn't even see a hint of the game, just this error message.

Here is a small bit of information from the Problem Details in the Problem Report about this crash:

Dyld Error Message:
Library not loaded: @executable_path/../Frameworks/speex.framework/Versions/A/speex
Referenced from: /Users/(some username)/Desktop/Marathon 2/
Reason: image not found

I repaired permissions, but that didn't help on this issue.
If more information is needed, let me know.

Post Apr 21st '11, 02:44

That version of Aleph One doesn't work on a case-sensitive filesystem.

The 1.0 betas should work, but a better idea would be to reformat and use sane options for the filesystem.
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Post Apr 21st '11, 03:04

UED34 wrote:The system I'm using is a Mac OS 10.5, most current version.

I'm running Mac OS 10.6.4. :/
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President People

Post Apr 21st '11, 13:15

President People wrote:I'm running Mac OS 10.6.4. :/

I'm running Mac OS 10.6.7 [MTongue]
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Post Apr 21st '11, 17:25

ukimalefu wrote:i'm cherokee jack

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