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Post May 24th '11, 02:23

I plan to do a wiki on Marathon (Trilogy Additional Scenarios, Aleph One) with Wikia in French (Quebec, France, Gulf of Guinea ...).

I wonder if this poses no problem for the English' speaker community.

A draft French forum will come with the possible success of the wiki.

Je projète de faire un wiki sur Marathon (Trilogie, Scenarios additionels, Aleph One) avec wikia en langue française (Québec, France, Golfe de Guinée ...) .

Je voudrais savoir si cela ne pose aucun problème à la communauté anglophone.

Un projet de forum francophone viendra avec le possible succès du wiki.
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Post May 24th '11, 21:27

Traxus is a marathon wiki which seems to have a language feature (seeing as there's an empty box saying "languages" on the left).
And I can't speak for the entire marathon community, but I can't think of any objections anyone might make.
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Post May 25th '11, 00:04

English Wikia is pretty annoying--ads, no ability to delete an entire wiki once created. I don't know if French Wikia is the same way, but consider it carefully before creating.
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Post May 25th '11, 00:45

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