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Post Sep 7th '12, 14:33

Somehow my account got deleted, so I have to get post approval again. Hope someone can help solve my Eternal lag issue.
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Post Sep 30th '12, 21:00

so if i say this i can make new topics? interesting [spnkr]

Post Oct 3rd '12, 23:08

Just posting here to go through the motions...

FYI: I made a new topic before realizing that I had to post here first. Hope I don't have to re-type my initial post...
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Post Dec 9th '12, 22:05

rustygundam14 wrote:yes it does

I agree.

Post Dec 9th '12, 22:08

Sneaking in here as someone who played Marathon a lot in high school and just recently got back into playing - finished 1 and 2, working on Infinity now. I missed these games.
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Post Oct 28th '14, 09:36

Hello. :)

Obligatory first post!
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$lave wrote:Damnit bridgit, you are forgetting how fucking serious business the internet is.
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