Locked Sequence View

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Locked Sequence View

Post Jul 25th '13, 18:32

In ShapeFusion or with MML, can a Sequence View be locked in place so player can walk around the image without the sprite turning with the player or change view? There is a previous thread on this but with Forge.

I have made movie screens in the past which turned with viewer: MML texture animation mentioned in a previous thread sounds like a better way to go for wall texture images. Here, working with one sequence view, I would like to lock that one view in one permanent direction, as in an item, scenery, explosion effect, or monster effect. Thanks.

Post Jul 26th '13, 05:53

I don't think that's possible in game. You'd have to do a 3D model that happens to be flat.
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Crater Creator

Post Jul 27th '13, 06:01

In a past mapping thread, it looks like there was a way to lock an item view in Forge. This may not be possible in ShapeFusion. I have been studying the MML scripting of the Floating X static animation to script animated wall textures: one way to get a 'movie theater screen' to stay flat instead of pivot. If anyone knows any examples of previous wall texture animations; please link. I read a thread on this as to a M1A1 screen animation and wall textures. Thanks!


Scenery / Item Facing in Forge

I don't know if this is a known trick in Forge, but here goes. We were fooling around with the facing of 3D scenery and items in AO and found a way to set their facing in Forge.
No need for Chisel, Juice or Pfhorte on this one...

First place a Player object and set the facing you like, and while staying in the objects properties change the Player to the scenery or item you want it to become and it will keep the same facing as you've set for the Player. You can even change scenery back to "Player" alter the facing and change it back.

Post Jul 27th '13, 10:07

In shapes fusion there are several animation types to choose from for each sequence. Scenery objects are typically set to "display a random frame". Change this to "animation with 8 views" and you will get a scenery object you can walk around, just like a monster. However, if you want it to be locked for real, 3D object is the only way to go.

Weland supports direction for scenery items. No need for tricks anymore :)
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Post Jul 27th '13, 15:46

I have been working in Animation with 1 View to simplify and will experiment further with the multiple views. Will try some 3D objects and found Rotating Items.lua for slow 3D skews. Focusing on animated wall textures would solve the problem and studying the MML scripting. Thanks!!

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