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Post Nov 1st '13, 00:32

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I am making a small, one map scenario with some Pathways into Darkness inspired features. Due to its Halloween theme, I was trying to have it out by today, but the mapping is taking longer than anticipated. Expect it within a week.

Take care, and don't eat too much candy!

Creepy Pumpkin
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Post Nov 9th '13, 03:12

Would someone lend some advice on how to package scenario files together?
The biggest issue arises because I'm not trying to package the whole marathon shapes file with changes. If I use that, it works great. Otherwise:

I tried to embed a shapes patch in the map using atque. This seems to work, but the custom shapes referenced in the embedded mml file don't seem to take priority, and I'm stuck with the software shapes. The audio referenced through the embedded mml works fine however.

I then tried to work around this by putting everything in a plugin (except map, physics term). In this case the shapes patch included with the plugin didn't even seem to activate. Here's how I wrote the plugin:

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<plugin name="SevenShadesofWraith" description="Sounds, Shapes, MML, lua" version="1.0" solo_lua="Halloween.lua">
  <mml file="Halloween.mml"/>
  <shapes_patch file="Halloween.ShPa"/>

Is there an easier way I'm overlooking here?
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Post Nov 9th '13, 03:34

You can't do solo Lua and shapes patches in the same plugin. Also, shapes patches override replacements MML, otherwise they wouldn't work in net maps when people are using hi-res textures.

If you have a custom map, custom shapes, custom sounds, custom Lua, and custom physics, then my advice is to release it as you would any other scenario with all of those!
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Post Nov 10th '13, 04:31

Thanks for the clarifications on file hierarchy, treellama. I embedded the lua in the map, and put the shapes patch in the plugin.

Anyways, here is the one-level scenario. Follow the instructions in the Read-me to install.

If anyone is interested in the full-sized pumpkin graphics, let me know.
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