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BoB Wallpaper

Post Nov 11th '13, 00:55

When the "Evolution of BoB" illustration came up recently, I wanted to see if it could work as part of a desktop image/wallpaper. What started as an exercise in enlarging an image while preserving its quality turned into its own composition, using some well-known images of BoB.

*Shrug* It's fan art. Maybe this is derivative tripe no one else will value. But I figure it'd be selfish and limit my opportunities to improve to go to the effort only to keep the image to myself.
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Crater Creator

Post Nov 11th '13, 02:39

derivative tripe no one else will value

Crater Creator.jpg
bob chamot.jpg
Crator Creater.jpg

Post Nov 11th '13, 09:14

That BoB image is GREAT! [MUp]
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Post Nov 11th '13, 13:35

Looks like a pretty nice wallpaper to me! I'm saving it for sure - thank you for sharing it.
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Post Nov 11th '13, 16:51

patrick wrote:Marathon 4 teaser
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Post Nov 11th '13, 19:53

I agree with the other two. The image looks great. One more Marathon wallpaper for everyone! :D
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