Holy crap! People still play???

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Holy crap! People still play???

Post Nov 16th '13, 15:31

Hello Out There!

Like several others I've read about here, when it comes to Marathon, I'm an OldFart™. Been playin' since before you youngsters were born. :-) I've kept up with Aleph One because for a long time it was the only decent game on Linux (as for a long time Marathon was also the only decent game on a Mac!).

The other day when a 26 year old co-worker asked if I ever heard about Marathon, I said, "Son, come set right here by the fire and I'll tell ya a story...."

(color fades to sepia...)

Back in the mid-nineteen nineties, a few of us guys played network games at work to let off steam. The Internets barely existed and Marathon wasn't worth playing over a 56k modem, so the only way to have a fast-paced network game was over a 10-Base-T wired connection. Somehow, through word of mouth, more people started joining us after work to play on the company network. This led to the formation of "The Chicago Marathon Assault Group (CMAG)". Twice a year, about a dozen of us would get together with our computers, cables and a hub to play 5 to 6 hours of networked carnage! Bungie was Chicago based back then and a couple of the guys once stopped by to drop off t-shirts and posters for prizes. (They're friggin multi-gazillionaires now!)

I still have the old web site chronicling the events. http://www.crc55.com/Marathon/

I wasn't a half-bad map maker either! For the first time in over a decade, I just replayed one of my old scenarios and it was still a lot of fun. Frankly, I can't believe I did it. How did I have so much free time!! You can see my old maps by searching "MIchael Coyle" at http://archives.bungie.org/search.html

(color fades back in...)

Last week I installed Mavericks which broke Marathon. I thought that was the end of a long road, but son-of-a-gun if there wasn't a patch already available. I cannot believe how active this community still is. But it makes sense. Sure there are a lot of straight lines, but what always made Marathon rock was the game play. It's still a lot of fun to play!

Anyway, enough waxing poetic by me. I'll pop in from time to time, make sure you kids are behaving. Maybe I'll even look around to see if map making tools are still available...

Take care,
Michael "TheEmbalmer" Coyle
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Post Nov 16th '13, 15:55

Hello, older player. I'm glad your surprised that people still play.

There are still mapping tools. We don't have built-in visual mode, but we have a script that can do the job just as well.

I wish I had been apart of those groups that played network games. T_T
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Post Nov 16th '13, 18:09

Welcome! Good to see another veteran around, to tell stories to Destiny and the other kids. :)

Michael's maps are also listed at Fileball, if typing into a search box is too much work.
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Post Nov 17th '13, 05:55

Welcome to the Pfhorums, TheEnbalmer. Nice to have you around :3
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Post Nov 18th '13, 01:20

Hell yeah, I still play - got sucked into it by a family friend at an impressionable age, and well, I can't map but I'm here anyway. [MGrin] Even managed to get someone else who'd never played it before into the games a few months ago and they loved 'em.
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Post Nov 18th '13, 04:06

How old is "an impressionable age?" I'm always curious to know when people started playing Marathon. I love to hear people's story.
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Post Nov 18th '13, 07:01

Welcome Old Fart.

Played "The Attack" yesterday. Neat little scenario. Very nice mapmaking overall -- a bit cramped (though understandable given the story) and fairly easy, but fun and enjoyable nonetheless. Destroying an attacking starship with a fusion pistol, though, stretched believability just a little too far. I didn't find the rocket launcher until after... that's a situation where it would have been useful to have the rocket launcher and ammo in room just before that attack, and not give the player any more rocket ammo for the rest of the scenario. The final level was kind of anti-climatic being easier than the previous two. I think the last level would have benefitted from being larger all around. With the vac-bobs coming to help, the cargo bay should have been much bigger and filled with a lot more enemies, including a few pistol bobs (I was expecting that from the terminal text). Don't mind the critique though... like I said, it was a fun scenario to play through. Good writing too - which is usually absent.

"What's an impressionable age?" Good question Destiny. I was in my early 20's when Marathon was first released, but even then I was fairly impressed. Enough so that I'm still playing today!
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Post Nov 18th '13, 11:43

Destiny wrote:How old is "an impressionable age?" I'm always curious to know when people started playing Marathon. I love to hear people's story.

Around 7th grade, for me. I think Infinity had either just been released or hadn't quite come out yet - I started with Marathon 2.
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Post Nov 18th '13, 12:59

Hey jonny!

Glad you enjoyed 'The Attack". You comments are spot on. In fact, when I replayed the scenario last week I thought the third level should have been swapped with the second. Having created that back in 1997, about all I can remember is that I was under a time constraint and that's probably why it ended on a weak note. Bungie was having a contest and all the maps were released on CD as part of a Trilogy thing. (I still have my CDs!)

In level one, I really liked my ideas for the attacking ship and raising the communications antenna. On the second level, the compression tunnel was pretty clever. :) When I played last week I had totally forgotten about it and died several times until I figured it out! As you said, the third level... meh.

As it turns out, all my effort was for naught. A hotshot map maker named Fridgidman won the contest by creating the first transparent textures to simulate holographic displays. I was pissed. :) He's the same guy who did the Evil scenario. Anyone know what became of him? Randal Shaw was his name.

It's hard to believe next year will be the 20th anniversary of Marathon. I've been playing some of the newer maps posted here with the new textures, landscapes, and weapon imagery, and it's been great!

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