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meme challenge

Post Jan 21st '14, 14:52

Calling all artists and designers! Need a break from building new Marathon levels? (Well forget it! Back to work! Heh heh, just kidding.) Take your favorite internet meme, put a Marathon spin on it, and post it here.

Post Jan 22nd '14, 00:00

Scumbag Marine:
Has 99.9% Health
Uses Entire Red Energy Canister
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Post Jan 23rd '14, 02:08

Zott wrote:Has 99.9% Health

That's not possible. Health is stored as an integer (i.e. no decimal places) ranging from 0 to 450. 150 is "100%" health, so 150 x .999 = 149.85 - not an integer. The closest you can get is 149/150 = 99.3 where the .3 is repeating.
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Post Jan 23rd '14, 05:38

I already KNEW when I posted that someone was going to give me a smart response about floats vs integers. It was written for humor. I should have just gone for the 99.99999% as I was going to do, or kept it at 99%, but noooo, I wanted to make it slightly more outrageous. Bad Zott, bad.
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Post Jan 23rd '14, 06:46

Don't be an idiot, irons. 149.85 is Tan, the constant integer.
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Post Jan 23rd '14, 20:16


Post Jan 24th '14, 02:14

99% would have been mathematically accurate, by virtue of being less precise. If you only allow two significant figures in your percentage, 149/150 = 99%.

99.99999% would have been even worse, both because it's even further from the closest possible true value, and because it's including more significant figures than is warranted.

Oh and what the hell, here's my entry that I'm too lazy to photoshop into something pretty:
Good Guy Grendelbeast:
Harmless ambient NPC that you don't have to shoot out of your way like Bad Luck Bob
Still has the courtesy to die to your explosives unlike Socially Awkward Potatoanus
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Post Jan 24th '14, 06:16

Good Guy Skybox
Shoot Missile into at Point Blank
No Damage Given
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Post Jan 24th '14, 08:12

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Crater Creator

Post Mar 17th '14, 03:40

Crater Creator has the best meme. XD
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