Pfhor: Primus or Prime

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Pfhor: Primus or Prime

Post Aug 13th '14, 23:13

Marathon Rubicon names the Pfhor home planet as Pfhor Prime. While this is not cannon, does anyone know if the a more correct labeling would have been "Pfhor Primus"; e.g. using the ordinal numbers instead? I suppose a rough translation would be "Pfhor the First" for primus and "Pfhor One" for prime. I don't know enough about latin, or proper use of ordinal numbers, to call it either way.

Sorry if this is the wrong board for this question, but that would be incredibly typical of me anyway.

Post Aug 14th '14, 10:44

I think you'd need to clarify what or whose standards you would regard as more correct.
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Crater Creator

Post Aug 16th '14, 13:30

Although there's no reference that I can find to "Pfhor Prime" in any of the official Marathon terminals or documentation, in Infinity Tycho makes reference to "Gr'ndl Prime" which is presumably a Pfhor-occupied planet used as a conditioning base of some kind. The use of Prime there seems to lay out the linguistic groundwork for interpreting Pfhor planet names, so I'd go with it as written.

Also, this is fiction, so they can write whatever the shit they want and it's "correct" anyway.
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Post Aug 16th '14, 18:33

Well, sure, but if you say a fireball is made of ice, that's just dumb.
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Aboard the Manus Celer Dei

Post Aug 17th '14, 03:32

Pfhor Prime sounds better to me. It rolls off the tongue. It's a dumb name either way.
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