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Post Aug 7th '14, 12:03

That's a neat way of making normal maps, nice one. They really help the look of the textures although I've tweaked them a little and added a bit of noise to make some of them less clean. Just working on music and a few sound effects and I'll aim to upload a basic version tonight.

Post Aug 18th '14, 07:54

Apologies again for the delay. Unreal4 and Oculus still not working together very well, waiting for a hotfix to the latest engine release which should sort it out and make it run a bit smoother.

Post Aug 18th '14, 09:40

I realize now that those normal maps were rendered with low quality anti-aliasing. I don't think it'll affect the results much, and I still think real 3D detail will look better, but I can re-render them sometime if you like (hopefully the noise was added in a separate layer so it wouldn't be much rework).
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Post Sep 3rd '14, 21:39

I've finally got unreal engine and oculus to work together relatively well, I had to strip the scene down to the basics to get a reasonable frame rate but it still looks ok. I'm using a VR template which makes life easier, but having issues with the flashlight so might get rid of that. Also sound is still to come and music is temporary.
Maybe you could have a look and let me know if it works before I offer it up to the oculus community? (344mb.. sorry about that)
The filepath is Arrival/MyProject5/Binaries/Win64/MyProject5.exe
Once it opens, press alt-enter to get going and to activate rift mode if one is connected.
Press tab to bring up a menu for basic graphics settings.
It's only a few rooms, up until the maze-like section. Feedback appreciated, there's a load of bugs and discrepancies but any you notice would be helpful.

Post Sep 7th '14, 02:30

I don't have access to an Oculus Rift now, but regardless it looks like the download is missing one or more runtime libraries for it to work out of the box. When I open MyProject5, I get an error: "The program can't start because MSVCR120.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."
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Post Sep 7th '14, 13:11

Try installing the Visual C 2012 runtime :)
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Post Sep 24th '14, 15:04

I'm watching this with great interest. :)

Post Sep 25th '14, 01:36

  • With Microsoft's Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013 installed, the executable works. If your goal is to get people from different corners of the internet interested, though, I'd recommend including what's needed in the download, if that's possible.
  • When playing without an Oculus Rift, in full screen mode, the screen is very distorted. I think the FOV is fine, but the view is badly stretched horizontally. Playing with the settings doesn't seem to affect this.
  • Does this use the normal maps I provided? The results are even less than I expected, as if it's doing its best to infer what the bumpiness is from the diffuse map or other channel. Also, weren't you going to use the 3D model at least for the terminal?
  • You can jump, which is cool, but you can jump right out into space, which seems to make the simulation freeze up. While I think open windows are more technically accurate, I'd seal things up.
  • It's neat seeing a representation of the player's body when looking down - more games should do that. But is there a better option than this fluorescent cyan-colored guy?
  • The rotating skybox was a nice touch.
  • If this ever became a remake of the whole game, I could definitely see devoting one guy just to lighting, since the rendering engine seems so different, even compared to UE3.
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Crater Creator

Post Sep 27th '14, 14:19

Hi, thanks for the feedback. Apologies for the Visual C Runtime, I'd had a few people test it without problems and was unaware it was needed.
I took out the 3d models as I needed to get the frame-rate down as much as possible. Anything below 75 is a game-breaker for VR.
The normal maps are in there, I lerped them with the diffuse textures to make them a bit less clean, but if you want them more pronounced I guess they'd need more tweaking in photoshop and the materials editor, and as I said before it's really not my area of expertise..
The character model is taken from a VR template, I could look into alternatives but again the priority was to keep things simple to keep the frame rate down. I got the light levels pretty wrong in general which is why he's so much brighter than anything else in the level. Lighting in general is a bit crap cos I don't know what I'm doing, just playing around really.

Anyway here's a slightly better version with a headtorch and sealed windows.!X5kXVCJC!i5tYFnAgS ... 8p5Bx46U6g

I'm pretty busy with work at the moment so at this point I'll probably just upload the source files, so anyone who feels like it can tweak/replace things. But ideally somebody would start again and make a better, fbx mesh of the map and do a better job with the textures/materials.

Post Apr 24th '15, 09:28


suddenlysara's remake plans reminded me of this thread. Any interest in continuing work on this, alborada?
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