Marathon music in use

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Marathon music in use

Post Sep 29th '14, 23:26

I know the guy who is in charge of several of the haunted attractions at a local pumpkin patch. He commented that some of the music he had was a bit lame, and I agreed. I sent him to to see if the QT2 tracks evoked the kind of atmosphere of suspense and dread he was thinking of. Next time I stopped back, guess what was playing. ;)

Post Oct 2nd '14, 19:20

Heh, pretty awesome!
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Post Nov 9th '14, 13:36

SylithSenjak wrote:Heh, pretty awesome!

I second that! :o
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Tycho X

Post Nov 13th '14, 16:04

Nice one. [MUp]
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Post Jul 22nd '15, 13:05

Great story!

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