How to 'End' a a project...

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How to 'End' a a project...

Post Sep 15th '15, 17:46


When you have a map with multiple levels, each level provides an interlevel teleport to the next (or some other) level.

How do people typically END a project? If you have 10 levels in your project, how do you end the 10th level? You can't really teleport to anything that makes sense.

In other words, how do you indicate the person has 'successfully' completed the project? That is, how do you set up a 'Game Over' indicator (to be overly simplistic). :)

Thanks! Interested in your ideas!
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Post Sep 15th '15, 19:06

Teleport to level 256.
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Post Sep 15th '15, 22:34

Pfhorrest wrote:Teleport to level 256.

Wow. LOL, I never realized you could do that! Thanks! I was actually thinking that I'd teleport to an empty room with a terminal thanking them for

Thanks Pfhorrest!
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Post Sep 16th '15, 12:59

Pfhorrest wrote:Teleport to level 256.

I've actually begun wondering, does this mean you can *only* have 255 levels per scenario? Or could you actually just keep going by making the player teleport to level 257 and just skip 256 (then use 256 for the end)?

Not that I or any other person will actually create a scenario of that size, just want to know :ph34r:
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