Chip insertion sequential lights.

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Chip insertion sequential lights.

Post Sep 20th '15, 05:21

3 Chip insertion slots.
1 active.
Each chip insertion activates the next slot.

My question is, what is the light configuration for having a chip insertion turning an inactive light to an active light to activate a chip slot?

Can I get an image and break down please?
Currently I can't even get the lights to begin as inactive despite the check box being checked.
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Post Sep 20th '15, 05:29

Chip slots operate on tags and only operate going from inactive to active. When you place a chip slot texture, you will be prompted to assign it a tag index, so give it one. When you place a chip in the slot, it will activate all lights (and platforms) assigned the same tag index.

Whether a light is bright or dark is not related to the active or inactive state, it's just based on the intensity level. When you make a light that you want tied to a chip, you want to have it not marked as "initially active" and you want it to have the same tag index as the chip slot. In the areas marked primary and secondary under inactive (bottom middle and bottom right areas, if I remember), you'll want to change the intensity to a value under 75 (where 100 is fully lit and 0 is fully dark). Similarly, under the active areas, you'll want the intensity at a value above 75.
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Post Sep 20th '15, 06:19

Thank You.

Post Sep 21st '15, 05:43

I'm going to risk being over bearing and ask the same question, this time a wire smash that turns a light off.

I figured by simply keeping the actives at 100 and the inactives at 0, tagging it, and linking that tag to a wire smash panel would make things work, but it didn't.

Flipped back and forth between "initially active" options to no avail.

The light does not change.

Post Sep 23rd '15, 17:27

huh, that's odd...I know in Forge that smashing wires will only deactivate something, so if you are using a light to lower a liquid tide level, you need to set it up counterintuitively (i.e. make the high tide inactive and the low tide active, and make sure to uncheck the initially active box) But that's probably more information than you are looking for. So, briefly, how I would set up a wire set to disable lights:

1) set your custom light up with a specific tag, e.g. 1
(be sure and put all conditions to 0 in the inactive set, else the light will turn back on)
2) choose the BROKEN wire texture set and place it accordingly
(in the parameters, be sure and put 'initially active', 'can be destroyed' and 'only toggled by weapons')
3) set the tag on the wires to 1 (or whatever)
4) playtest, smash wires, kill lights, hulk angry

you need to use the BROKEN (inactive) wire texture set with the parameter of 'initially active', or else it doesn't work (I don't think at least...this is all from memory). If you use the intact (active) texture, and then check the initially active box, it goes backwards (wires are already broken). I don't think it works at all if you use the intact texture and don't bother checking initially active.

yeah, it's actually really easy :)

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