Menu, Saves and Remapping

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Menu, Saves and Remapping

Post Dec 27th '15, 14:06

Just wondering why:
There is no in-game options menu, only a bland pause menu that you can only get into the options menu by escaping from the game to access the main menu.

Can't remap Zoom key, turn on footstep sounds, glance behind you key, toggle autorun key, reload weapon key, jump key, and no manual saves or Quicksave/Quickload key.
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Post Dec 27th '15, 20:14

well this is an old game :P

You can't rebind the zoom key :/ but I don't need it all that often in this game
Footstep sounds, jumping, and reloading don't exist in marathon.
Headbob I believe is toggled in the video settings in the latest A1

Did you know there's such a thing as a save term? A1 now even makes the quicksave terminals.
When you die you can hit tab to go back to your last save. Also if you want to go back further, go to the main menu.
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Post Dec 28th '15, 05:31

In game menu screens would actually be a good thing to add in a future Aleph One release (2.0 maybe), though it's priority is low in my opinion.
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Veldin Orbit

Post Dec 30th '15, 10:01

As tawlney says, you can't turn on footstep sounds, because they don't exist in the first place.


By planting the idea in my head, you led me to tinker and implement the feature with lua.
(1.27 KiB) Downloaded 157 times

Behold, footstep sounds. More specifically, it plays a sound at the player's feet when he's moving fast enough. The footsteps happen more frequently the faster the player moves. They alternate position between the left and right foot, with a pitch variation to sound slightly different. As an added nicety, stepping on an artificial surface (jjaro or pfhor set texture) sounds different than stepping on an organic surface (water, lava, or sewage set texture). And just for fun, the player leaves clouds of dust, but only when stepping on the latter.

The most jarring part of this is the sound effects used, since the original sounds don't include a purpose-made footstep sound (or a dust cloud). Only a handful of effects sound remotely like footsteps. Several others make you sound like a cool mech walker with giant servos, but anything else will sound terrible. Still, I like proofs of concept. Perhaps a scenario maker could one day find this useful.
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Crater Creator

Post Jan 30th '16, 06:02

It would have been something I'd want to incorporate in MPDX if I had thought about it. Cool stuff.
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