Scenery snapping to grid.

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Scenery snapping to grid.

Post Aug 4th '16, 00:07

Is there a way for Weland's scenery placement to snap to the grid?
I can easily snap scenery and items to the grid in Obed, but saving the map with Obed destroys the map so that AlephOne crashes and wipes both textures and the level name to "Please register."

I'm lining up ceiling lights and I'm sick of eye balling it in Weland only to open up the map to see they're all crooked.
Please reply with help.

Post Aug 4th '16, 02:58

Here's the method I would use: Create points in a row where you want your lights to be. Then place your scenery objects on each of the points. Then delete the points leaving behind just the scenery. It won't be perfect but it'll be close enough and any irregularities will barely be noticeable.

EDIT: Make sure you're zoomed into the map very close when placing the scenery over each point.
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Post Aug 4th '16, 10:52

Halathon has required precisely placed scenery objects for 3D models. I haven't found a better method than zooming way in and nudging the object with the arrow keys until the X/Y coordinates, displayed in the bottom left corner, are what I want them to be.
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Crater Creator

Post Aug 4th '16, 18:55

Thank you both, my scenery is sexy now.

Post Aug 5th '16, 05:30

Shocktart wrote:my scenery is sexy now.

Put this on my tombstone.
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