Introducing myself.

Introduce yourself here!

Introducing myself.

Post Nov 3rd '16, 17:00

Hello there. I'm JonathanM2D. A long time Halo fan who discovered the existence of Bungie's old work (PiD, the Marathon trilogy, Oni, Minotaur etc...) and when I discovered that Bungie did a trilogy of FPS games before Halo, I was really interested. So I wanted to learn more and more about this fabulous trilogy. And then I discovered this website.
And I was pretty happy (and I still am) to know that there is still a Marathon community.

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Post Nov 3rd '16, 22:02

Welcome to the


There are over 99,000 posts in more than 7,500 topics.
Even a topic 10 years old can be still valid today so it's profitable to read 'em.
Especially this topic.
Check out the Search function. There are commentaries on all the variations such as Rubicon, Eternal, Tempus Irae the lost levels, etc., for the finding.

Post your work in the appropriate Pfhorum
Topic: Io! Vide quod creavit!. (Hey! lookit what I did! - they like Latin around here)
And some people will tell you what's good about it and what's wrong with it - sometimes technical, sometimes just opinion but don't take it personal, yet always informative.
There are some films too. The one below, I copied from a Tour of Duty post on the Story Forum (another good place to read). It plays on Marathon: Durandal.

Here and here are a couple o recent creations with criticism.
I don't know anything about mapping, etc., but I read these then play the scenario to find if I can see the point of the criticism.
Creators and players have different opinions. All my opinions are strictly from the point of view of one particular player (me).

Be patient. Take your time. It's about art. It's about style.
Smooth talkin slow walkin Marathon style.
I just play 'em; I don't know how they work.
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Post Nov 4th '16, 02:26

Welcome to the Pfhorums, man!
welcome to the scene of the crash
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Post Nov 4th '16, 05:41

Welcome to this place. There's not a lot of activity, but every now and then people crawl out of the woodwork. HelviusRufus is a good guy and his advice is solid.
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Post Nov 4th '16, 06:10

Wow. Thank you all for the greeting!

Post Nov 5th '16, 01:23

Greetings, fellow earthling.
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Somewhere in the 19th Century...

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