Is it possible to run Aleph One at 60fps?

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Is it possible to run Aleph One at 60fps?

Post Sep 4th '16, 22:01

Relax, I'm not one of those idiots that say "Games are unplayable at 30fps!", but I'd like to know if there's a command or something to remove the 30fps lock.

Post Sep 5th '16, 11:19

No, but now is a good time to mention one of the well known names in the A1 dev community said on the mailing list last month that he's added 60 fps support to the engine. I'm cautiously optimistic the next A1 release could have this feature.
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Crater Creator

Post Sep 5th '16, 16:41

Oh, ok. Thank you!

Post Dec 18th '16, 15:58

How could I be added to this mailing list?

Post Dec 19th '16, 02:55

Really? Whouldn't it break multiplayer?
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Post Jan 19th '17, 22:51

Zetren wrote:How could I be added to this mailing list? ... thon-devel

Be forewarned there were all of 12 posts last year. But you can read the archives and see what Solra has said.
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Crater Creator

Post Jan 19th '17, 23:05

The short version is, it's single player only, and it doesn't affect watching a film. The game still runs at 30 ticks per second, it just renders more often.

I've tested his build and it partially works for me. Solra had better luck than me, so your mileage may vary. In order for it to make it into Alephone, either Treellama or Hopper would have to accept his code changes. I obviously can't speak for them but... I'm not holding my breath.
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