How to forward a mobile hotspot port?

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How to forward a mobile hotspot port?

Post Jan 12th '18, 15:48

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve played the game, I do look forward to playing again after many years of absence.

My problem is I’m trying to figure out how to forward ports on my iPhone hotspot from at&t.

I googled on the internet how to do it, but the info was very vague and was not relevant to my particular phone.

I understand that mobile phones do not actually have a router interface, but surely there is a way to still open ports.

Does anyone have good advice on what I can do?
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Post Jan 12th '18, 17:42

Consumer grade cell network connections do not generally get public routable IP addresses, so even if you could open ports, you wouldn't be able to host games.
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Post Jan 12th '18, 21:12

Well ain't that just a damn shame :C
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