How the hell do I edit sound files?

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How the hell do I edit sound files?

Post Jan 25th '16, 23:01

I'm trying to put Wasps in a shapes file where they weren't before.
Done, however I need sounds to associate with it flying and shooting, I've noticed there are no sound editors.

Please help.

Post Jan 26th '16, 07:38

Shapefusion I think. If that fails you can try Anvil in an emulator like SheepShaver or Basilisk II.
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Post Mar 14th '18, 19:18

There’s really no replacement for the original tools.
I’ve used some Windows and OSX native editors, and all of which are buggy beyond any strand of usefulness. The amount of grief ShapeFusion gave me is monumental.
What I did was set up a basic Mac OS9 machine on a SheepShaver emulator, then installed Forge, Anvil, etc.
There are still occasional bugs, but just keep on top of saving and you’ll be fine.
Don’t expect a high frame rate in Visual Mode though, but it’s still very usable. SheepShaver runs Forge better than even Classic mode on my old PPC OSX machine.

Post Mar 14th '18, 19:47

You bumped a 2 year old thread and didn't even say anything the previous reply didn't already say. Nice.
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