The Gray Incident BX demo

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Post Nov 25th '09, 20:17

Damn, should have searched Pfhorums before I asked a question.
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Saint Paul, MN

Post Nov 26th '09, 07:20

Sonic Firestorm was a bloody good level (those Golden Defenders were the best). Are you going to replace it with something of a similar caliber?
Polyplicity my second (less sucky) net pack. Go on. Download it. You know you don't want to.
Marathon Aeon- My scenario in the works ~on Simplici7y

riveting six-vertice amnesty ratifications
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Hampshire, UK

Post Dec 14th '09, 23:45

great Job, ryotkoTK. I was challenged from start to finish. I thought I knew what was going on when....
who should appear but two MOAH's and then later....golden defenders.... Mi-gosh. I thought the Renegades
were hard enough to kill, but these buggers are nearly impossible. I also liked the part where to get to the very
last terminal, you had to go down a shaft, and you face off against a renegade (grey-white) flying thing (darn names escapes me at the moments) who ain't goin' down easy. Hard as F>>>> I'd say. from finding stuff, and fighting
and all that....very hard but a matter of fact I'm gonna have go out and scare up a tube of ' chipotle away'
after playing that scenario. Yes, it was that hard.....



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